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Different types of chemical fertilizer dispensers are manufactured. They are robust, user-friendly machines that provide a distribution adjustable in the dose, wide and uniform on both sides of the plant. They are suitable for beet, corn, sunflower, potato, tobacco, bean, vegetables, vineyards, etc.


This cultivator is designed to work the land when the fruit is already born.


The front arms helps the tractor when the ground is quite hard, and also makes it easier for the back to wear less. The wheel that carries, is for depth control and at the same time has a function of traction for the chemical fertilizer dispenser. It also takes some pinions to change the doses we want to apply on the ground.


Inside the doser we have screens for the impurities of the fertilizer, and we also assemble a fertilizer mixer, so you do not be without it in the fall. We assemble two dispensers down spouts so that the plant picks up the fertilizer better.


Demonstrative video :

See fertilizer dispenser


Talleres Fuertes / Crop

The debarker roller FUERTES has the mission of removing the bark when the fruits are sown (corn, sunflower, potatoes, etc.) and storms fall of water before the fruit is born. The terrain is very hard, with a lot of crust and is when you need to pass the rollers to break it. Thats how the fruit can come out easily.

The roller passes over the fruit and breaks the crust.


It has five work positions, depending on how is the ground, both hard or crust. Even if the fruit is coming out you can pass above varying the speed.


Technical characteristics:

- The chassis can be fixed or hydraulic folding.

- It is built with tubular steel chassis.

- Adjustable distances between lines.

- Number of elements according to the client's request.

- Hook with bolts.

- CE marking.

Demonstration video :

Debarker roller video


Fixed arm or spring

Cultivator used to work between lines of plants born: beet, corn, tobacco, sunflower, garlic, cotton, potatoes, vegetables, etc.


Its job is to remove the soil, kill the weeds born and the ground is loose so that the plant breathes.



- Fixed or hydraulic folding frame.

- Built with tubular steel chassis.

- Adjustable distances.

- Number of elements, as requested by the client.

- Straight arm adjustable in height for the straight arm; and spring arm (snail) for the dock.

- Hook with bolts.

- CE marking.



- Front straight arm adjustable in  height.

- Wheels control of depth, adjustable in height.

- Granulated granular chemical fertilizer dispenser.

- Possibility of adapting hive, swallow.

- Quick hitch.

Demonstration video :

Cultivators video


Talleres Fuertes / Crop

FUERTES water stacker is a very easy device driving. For its operation, very large tractors are not required, only depends on the number of work elements. In addition, it is possible to regulate the distance between planting furrows and does not require maintenance because all elements are jammed. High profitability machine and productivity of fruits that are sown with risks of coverage. The work occurs through the front arm. The furrower works the depth of the furrow, which leaves the ground loose so that the back arm make the up and down movements through coupled eccentrics on a shaft manipulated with a hydraulic motor, which regulates the distances of dams for the paralyzations of water, filtering in the ground and so that they not go down the slope. Ahead of the chassis, this furrower has two wheels to control the depth and slope of the land. It is also possible to cancel the back arms in order to seal the furrows after the stagnation. Also, you can attach the chemical fertilizer dispenser. This would make three different jobs in the pass. It is a machine suitable for beet crops, corn, sunflower, potatoes and tobacco.


Technical characteristics:

Fixed or hydraulic folding chassis, built with tubular steel chassis, adjustable distances, number of elements to choose, front, front straight arm adjustable in height, hooked with bolts, flow regulator for the distances of dams or dams, depth control wheels and CE marking.

Demonstartion video :

Cultivator-furrower water stacker video


Talleres Fuertes / Crop

FUERTES precision cultivator is used for inter-plant cultivation and between rows for the elimination of weeds or other plants born between streets. Its main function is to move the soil so that the plant breathe and get more growth strength.

Each element is independent, so it can adapt to different depth of work and uneven terrain. On its manufacture, they put some arms between the bodies, depending on the separations between rows of plants adapt more or less to the cultivation. At the end of these arms, discs are mounted to avoid covering the fruits that are on the edge of where you are working. With these discs it is easier to increase the speed of the job. The precision cultivator is designed for the cultivation of beans, corn, beets, vegetables, potatoes, etc.


Technical characteristics:

Fixed or hydraulic folding chassis, built with tubular steel chassis, adjustable distances, number of elements to choose, hooking with bolts, stunt arms, independent depth control wheels in each element, adjustable springs in the pressure, gates swallow or abenator, the movement of the element is made of steel and marked CE.



Double chassis reinforced, quick hitch, front or rear straight arm adjustable in height, depth control wheels in steel and dispenser of granulated chemical fertilizer locator.

Demonstration video :

See precision binder cultivator


Talleres Fuertes / Crop

Technical characteristics of the FCD FUERTES model:


- Cultivator-doser of chemical fertilizer for vineyards, straight arm and dock.

- Cultivator-doser of chemical fertilizer for vineyards, curved arm.

- Cultivator-doser of chemical fertilizer for vineyards, chisel arm.

- Accessory: chemical fertilizer doser for vineyards. Other variants can be made according to the client's request.



- Cultivator for vineyards with 7 arms (4 fixed arms straight - 3 spring arms rear).

- Cultivator for vineyards with 9 curved arms.

- Cultivator for vineyards with 4 chisel arms.


Demonstration video :

See vineyard dosing cultivator

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