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This machine is used to pull beans in rows.


Regarding the operation of the harvester, it has some front blades that go underground and that pulls the plant from under the roots. Then, before they fall to the ground, the piqut installed in the machine collects the beans and leaves them on top of the conveyer belt. This conveyer belt can be moved from one side to the other, selecting from the electric control we have in the tractor cabin.


The lateral blades that we have are designed to separate the branches of the beans that we are pulling.

Demonstrative video :

Bean harvester video


Talleres Fuertes / Collection

The FAP model, FUERTES potato harvester, can be manufactured with 1 or 2 rows.


The working power required is 20 CV, the width of the groove is adjustable and the working capacity is   1 h/Ha.


This machine is designed to take out the sown fruit, which is underground (potatoes).


Potatoes are extracted with eccentric rods, which remove the potatoes and leave them on the ground.


Demonstrative video :

Potato harvester


Talleres Fuertes / Collection

FAR model beet harvester, 3 rows.



- 3 rows

- Power of work of 20 CV.

- Adjustable groove width.

- Working capacity of 1 h/Ha.


Demonstrative video :

Beet harvester video


Talleres Fuertes / Collection

Model FPA combined machinery for beet.



- 3 row beetroor harvester.

- 3 row beet peeler.

Demonstrative video :

Beet peeler/harvester video


Talleres Fuertes / Collection




- For 3 rows a working power of 35 HP is needed.

- The width of furrows ranges from 45 to 60 cm.

- Working capacity of 1 h/Ha.


Demonstartive video :

Beet peeler video


Talleres Fuertes / Collection

Models F1, F2 and F3.


The F1 model, MAR homologation pick-up with 1 roller, has a capacity of 6 tons and a filling time of 6 minutes. All movements are made from the tractor hydraulically. The roller is mounted with screwed spikes to work on stony ground. This screwed skewer is designed with the following characteristics:

- Long duration due to the treatments that are applied in its manufacture

- Advantage that provides the designed form of the top ball that gives speed in the collection of beet.


The F2 model is a 2-roll picker, which, in addition to the characteristics of the F1 model, has a capacity of 7 tons and the filling duration is a 5 minutes.

All movements are made from the tractor by electro hydraulics.

Vídeo demostrativo :

See beet collector


T1, T2 and T3 models.

With the T2 picker and thresher, the product receives a special treatment, from the beginning to the end of the harvest. The farmer can harvest at any time with much more quality. Using only one operator, the T2 collects and threshes up to 30 tons of beans and/or 20 tons of peanuts a day.


The collector mechanism of the T2 is composed of a collecting platform and an elevating mechanism / guide wheels, a group responsible for the harvesting of the Poroto (bean) and peanut plants. The collecting platform grabs the plants that are in the rows on the surface of the ground. The lifting mechanism sends the collected material to the conditioning cylinder and router, which directs it to the threshing mechanism.


The threshing operation is carried out by the "Fabi" system (axial low flow impact), exclusive t Miac. Through the threshing cylinder the plants are undergo the action of the beating fingers, separating the grains from the pods (beans) or capsules (peanuts), branches and other impurities. The "Fabi" system allows the farmer to collect partially humid or dried beans or peanuts. The helical arrangement of the "Fabi" fingers also prevents the perforated sieve from becoming clogged by impurities, making easier the passage of the grains or capsules towards the vibrating box.


In the threshing operation, the grains are separated from the pods and branches (beans) or capsules of the branches (peanuts). The grains and other impurities pass through the vibrating box, the grains are directed towards the deposit under the threshing cylinder and the small impurities are removed by the suction tube. The completely clean grains or capsules  are transported by the grain elevator to the granary tank. The green pods are stored in the rear tank. The grains or capsules deposited in the grain hopper are already threshed and cleaned to be commercialized, which allows the farmer to gain time and optimize labor.



Demonstrative video :

See vegetable harvest and thresher

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