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FUERTES seeder is a robust machine of simple handling, that provides an adjustable distribution in the dose of seeds, wide and uniform. It is a machine suitable for the cultivation of meadow species, grass, oats, etc.


Technical characteristics:

- Shaker, so as not to weight the seed.

- Interior sheet to avoid the displacements of the seed.

- Working width according to the customer's request.

- It can be easily adapted to any agricultural machine used for the land preparation: cultivator, rotovator, rotary harrow, disc harrow, chisel, etc.

- Can be adapted directly to the front or back tractor hitch.

- CE marking.



For 1, 2, 3 y 4 rows

The FPP model of potato planter is adjustable, depending on the model, to distance of furrows and plants. They are manufactured in one and two rows and also with the fertilizer option.



- 1 row potato seed drill.

- 1 row seed drill with fertilizer spreader.

- 2 row potato planter.

- 2 row potato planter with fertilizer spreader.


This machine is composed of simple mechanics. The worker is sitting. Previously, in the drawer the seed potatoes have been thrown. The worker only takes a potato and leaves it in the roulette.


All the elements have pinions for the sowing of potatoes, more joints or more separated, depending on whether you want to choose between 15 and 45 cm.


The front arms that each element have, are designed to open and that the potato stay in that hole. And so that they remain at the same depth, that we get with the built-in wheel that marks the operation of the machine and regulates the distances.


With the rear arms, what we can regulate are several planting distances of the potato. Also being able to manufacture for several furrows, depending on the need.


In addition, drawers are mounted for chemical fertilizer, so that at the same time we are planting, we can throw the fertilizer and regulate the dose of that fertilizer that we are applying.



Talleres Fuertes / Sowing

We manufacture monoculture seeders of two variants, with fixed drawer or with folding drawer.


Seeder of 5 rows of fixed drawer. Adjustable to furrow distances for its comfortable manufacture. Sowing of corn, beets, beans, soybeans, sunflower, chickpeas, etc. They are equipped with chucks.



- 5 row monogran planter / fixed drawer.

- Precision 3 row planter / folding drawer.

- 4 row monogran planter / folding drawer.


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